I have a custom post type for events with a custom field named event_start_date, and I want to sort the archive loop according to the nearest event_start_date. In other words, the event with the nearest event_start_date to today should be displayed first.

The SQL query for this would be ORDER BY DATEDIFF(event_start_date, NOW()) ASC. But I don't really know how to get this to work in wordpress.

I'm a completely new WP developer, and I've already tried playing around with the args for WP_Query. It only allows me to order by event_start_date which sorts the events as earliest date first, which is not the same as nearest date first.

So is it possible to order a custom field of type DATE according to the difference in date/time from today? If it is how can I do it?

  • You can't do it with WP_Query arguments, but there are filters that let you modify the SQL directly, like posts_orderby
    – Milo
    Jan 29, 2016 at 5:52
  • Thanks @Milo that looks like what I want. I'll have a look at it.
    – ThimalW
    Jan 29, 2016 at 5:59

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You can handle this by define DATEDIFF() in SELECT For example:

SELECT RECID, DATEDIFF(t1.qr_enddate, NOW()) AS diffORD 
FROM `mytablw` t1 

This should work but in your case I strongly recommend to use wordpress default Filter API posts orderby. This filter is applied before a post-retrieving SQL statement is executed. Use it to make custom modifications to the orderby.

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