As title reads, I am trying to list specific custom tax's terms in a custom post type archive's page.

My setup:

Custom post type: 'podcast'

Custom Taxonomy: 'showname'

-> Custom Field for above taxonomy term: 'language' (ACF Select)

Desired Output


Term Name 1 thats custom field 'language' = 'EN'

Term Name 2 thats custom field 'language' = 'EN'


Term Name 3 thats custom field 'language' = 'FR'

Term Name 4 thats custom field 'language' = 'FR' .....

I have limited languages so if I can somehow just get a result for a single language, I can run multiple loops.


  • This is specific to the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and would be more appropriate on their support forum, 3rd-party plugins are off-topic here. – Milo Jan 26 '16 at 20:31

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