I'm trying to remove "Pending Review" (Status) and "Password protected" (Visibility) options from Publish metabox. Any ideas how can I do it?

  • Take a look at this Question and my answer, which is quite similar.
    – kaiser
    Commented Jun 29, 2011 at 22:22

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I always do it with Frank Bültge's Adminimize

  • in Global Options, you'll find Your Own Options
  • in the left column you put any name for your reference
  • in the right column you put the ID or Classes you want to hide
  • if I'm not mistaken, you'd want to hide this #visibility.misc-pub-section,.misc-pub-section.curtime.misc-pub-section-last

Here's a reference list of mine with examples and a screenshot... you can go pretty wild and hide a whole bunch of stuff, and select what to hide according to user roles, it's just a matter of using Firebug or any Inspector and you'll end up with a minimalist admin.

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