I try to add articles via wp_insert_post but as it seems the oEmbed function of Wordpress doesn't work properly.

I work with embedly as you can embed any website.

I realized that the oEmbed functionallity is triggered after saving the post in the Wordpress-Backend.

Can i trigger the Embed somehow programmaticly?

Wrap the URL with the Shortcode [embed] is not working.

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Read up on Embeds.

To trigger an embed use wp_oembed_get($url).

In general the url needs to be on it's own line with a space below and above when inside the_content. wp_insert_post() has nothing to do with embeds as the embed HTML is usually generated when passed through the_content filter.

To add support for non-oEmbed sites use wp_embed_register_handler()

And for oEmbed-enabled sites use wp_oembed_add_provider().


I was just thinking about your support ticket when I found this question, thanks for letting us know about this. I work at Embedly and am the primary author of the embedly plugin.

I'm pretty sure @jgraup is correct that you need to utilize the wp_oembed_get function (this is called automatically when editing in the tinyMCE post editor). If you're using the embedly plugin we will already be registered as the default oEmbed provider. I will try to test myself asap.


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