I would like to receive datas from an external client to a Wordpress website. Example: I send an email to someone and I would like to send a copy (to archive it) to the website/smtp server.

Is there an easy solution in?

Email send to example@example.com copy to website@wordpress.com

  • To clarify, you're not interested in sending emails from WordPress, you want to receive emails at WordPress? Like, check your email from the admin panel? – jgraup Jan 19 '16 at 13:39

By default, WordPress is not equipped to be an email server. It can send email but does not receive email.

If you want to send mail to multiple recipients then wp_mail will allow you to specify multiple addresses.


$multiple_recipients = array(
$subj = 'The email subject';
$body = 'This is the body of the email';

wp_mail( $multiple_recipients, $subj, $body ); 

But if you want to check your email through the admin panel then you really need a plugin to read email from an external source -- not specific to WordPress.

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Hope the below mentioned plugin will help you :


Then you will need to configure the SMTP settings with it.

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