I've got a site with a few extra Customizer sections. Is there a way to link directly to these so that section open when the page loads?

Something like http://mysites.com/wp-admin/customize.php#fonts

screenshot http://new.tinygrab.com/96412a96d208cf8ff0cf5803327b2d29e0ca68810e.png

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As you've already discovered, links to the customizer always start with /wp-admin/customize.php.

Append ?autofocus[section] =section_name to checkout your section within the customizer. Both parameters (section and section_name) are registered within your customize_register hook:


If you can't find the hook, check the HTML markup of the customizer for further information. Both parameters are included within the list:

<li id="accordion-section-title_tagline" class="accordion-section control-section control-section-default">

Altogether your link may look something like this:

admin_url( '/customize.php?autofocus[section]=section_name' );

These are the links to the default customizer sections in Twenty Twenty WordPress theme:

  • Site Identity: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=title_tagline
  • Colors: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=colors
  • Theme Options: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=options
  • Cover Template: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=cover_template_options
  • Background Image: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=background_image
  • Menus: /customize.php?autofocus[panel]=nav_menus
  • Widgets: /customize.php?autofocus[panel]=widgets
  • Homepage Settings: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=static_front_page
  • Additional CSS: /customize.php?autofocus[section]=custom_css

Where to go from this?

I often find myself in need of a menu item from Appearance within the WordPress admin menu. So maybe this will be helpful for you, too:

add_action( 'admin_menu', 'wpse_custom_submenu_page' );
function wpse_custom_submenu_page() {
        __( 'Page title', 'textdomain' ),
        __( 'Menu title', 'textdomain' ),
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    This is a good overview +1.
    – birgire
    Jan 14, 2016 at 8:25
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    You can also deep link to the nested sections by appending multiple autofocus parameters. For example, opening the Product Catalog section of WooCommerce. customize.php?autofocus[panel]=woocommerce&autofocus[section]=woocommerce_product_catalog Apr 2, 2020 at 12:23

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