While configuring Ctags to recognize WordPress functions, I came across the noop.php file. Here is an excerpt:

 * @ignore
function add_action() {}

 * @ignore
function did_action() {}

 * @ignore
function do_action_ref_array() {}

Why does this file exist? Can I remove it to let VIM better navigate the code?

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The description on top of the page you have linked gives an explanation:

Create a new file, wp-admin/includes/noop.php, which loads all of the noop functions for load-script|styles.php and is only loaded by those files. DRYs in the process. See #33813.

Additionally there is the trac ticket #33813 linked, which gives some additional insight. You generally shouldn't delete core files so consider noop.php as a necessary file.

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    I don't think this or the comment at the top answers the question fully. This answer focuses on why the file exists, but a lot of people will be wondering why a noop file with noop functions is needed at all. It would be good if a brief explainer of why noop functions are needed in core would complete the answer for a lot of people
    – Tom J Nowell
    May 27, 2020 at 10:08

Why noop.php?

Previously noop functions were duplicated across core in multiple places, and an effort was made to co-locate them to avoid this duplication. This was done in https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/33813 as part of an organisation effort.

What Are Noop functions?

Noop, or No Op-eration functions, are useful for testing and mocking. They're also a way to implement the null pattern, of presenting APIs that don't do anything to act as placeholders for ones that do.

Can I remove it to let VIM better navigate the code?

I would not modify core, instead you should tell ctags to ignore that file. This question/answer on stackoverflow will help:


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