I am redeveloping a WordPress site, and have followed this procedure to copy it to my local machine:

  1. Copy all files from server to localhost server subdirectory
  2. Edit wp-config.php with my local database settings
  3. Copy server SQL to local database
  4. Edited my hosts file like this: www.thesiteiamredeveloping.com thesiteiamredeveloping.com

The problem I have is that when I now go to http://thesiteiamredeveloping.com in my browser, I just get shown an "Index of /" page that lists all the subdirectories in my localhost server (which includes the thesiteiamredeveloping.com subdirectory).

How can I make it so that http://thesiteiamredeveloping.com points to the required subdirectory rather than the server's root directory??

NB - The localhost server I'm using is EasyPHP DevServer 14.1 VC11 - on Windows 7.


I added this to my httpd-vhosts.conf file:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot "P:/Program Files/EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC11/data/localweb/jhtest12.com"
  ServerName jhtest12.com

And I added this to my hosts file: www.jhtest12.com jhtest12.com

Then I created an index.html file in the P:\Program Files\EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC11\data\localweb\jhtest12.com folder and restarted the server, but when I try to load http://jhtest12.com in my browser, it take ages to load before showing the same directory page.

Any ideas??

Update 2

The last section of my httpd.conf file is...

# Virtual Hosts
## Virtualhost localweb
    DocumentRoot "P:/Program Files/EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC11/data/localweb"
    <Directory "P:/Program Files/EasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC11/data/localweb">
        Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
        AllowOverride All
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from
        Deny from all
        Require all granted
Include ../../data/conf/apache_virtual_hosts.conf

...so I have moved the VirtualHost directive from my httpd-vhosts.conf file to the apache_virtual_hosts.conf file, but I'm still having no luck.

In fact, it seems nearly all requests to localhost are not being served correctly - despite me changing all the settings back to their original state, restarting the server, running CCleaner and restarting my computer. What could have broken??

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The web server, apache in your case, is listening on port:80 on your localhost.

You can tell apache to serve one particular folder based on request name (let's call it virtual host).

To teach apache about that, explore your apache folder (apache/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf) and add :

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot "/www/example1"
  ServerName www.example.com

more info https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/vhosts/examples.html

  • Many thanks for this answer, but I'm afraid it hasn't worked. Please see the Update section in my question. Commented Jan 13, 2016 at 13:22
  • well, servername specifies that a site with that name exists and should be served; it should be served with files belonging to the folder specified within documentroot. first i would try to point servername to a domainname (thesiteiamredeveloping.com), not to, then i'd remove all <Directory> configurations, i.e deny allow (you can add them later to an .htaccess file in the wordpress directory) then check that the document root is the folder containg your wordpress config.php file. Of course stop restart server after every modification. Commented Jan 13, 2016 at 14:22

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