I just launched a wordpress instance on azure but when I go to the URL, I get the following:

This web app has been successfully created

There's nothing here yet, but Microsoft Azure makes it simple to publish content with GIT, FTP or your favorite development tool such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Online or WebMatrix

I tried http://drone1.azurewebsites.net/wp-admin but no joy.

I did this about a year previously and had no issues but not this time. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Looking at:


I don't see any instance of MySQL in my window.

I believe it is meant to start automatically. Any idea what I have done wrong?


In azure there is a bitnami wordpress instance.

enter image description here

I used the bitnami instance and the worpress login appeared as expected.

I think you must launch a MySQL instance separately to use the wordpress but the bitnami instance works simply and is good enough for me.

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