I'm using front-page.php to generate a static frontpage for a Web site I'm working on. I can't seem to get Wordpress to display the blog posts on any other page. I tried creating a custom template to display blog posts, but it doesn't display any posts. Also, when I try to set the front-page as a static frontpage manually in the reading settings, it doesn't appear as an option. Help?

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To use a static Front Page, you need to do the following:

  1. Create two static Pages, one for your front page content, and one for your blog posts index; their names are entirely arbitrary, but for our purposes, let's call them "Front Page" and "Blog"
  2. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading
  3. Set "Front Page Displays" to "static page"
  4. In the dropdown lists below, set "front page" to "Front Page", and "posts page" to "Blog"

Now, for some explanation:

  • WordPress will use your front-page.php template file when rendering your site front page, whether the front page is set to display blog posts or a static Page.
  • If you want to customize your blog posts index, use the home.php template, which will be used when a static Page is used to display blog posts, or when the front page is set to display blog posts if no front-page.php template file exists.
  • If neither of these two template files exist, then WordPress will fall back to:
    • page.php, for a static front page, or for blog posts if set to display on a static Page
    • index.php in all other cases

If you still need some clarification, see the Codex entry for Template Hierarchy.

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