I would like to customize the login-form page.

Is there a way as with the function get_the_content() for the article to get the content of the login page before it's send for output?

  • Plug-in recommendations are off topic, so I removed that part. Additionally it is a bit unclear what exactly you want, you should specify. Maybe you are looking for this information. Dec 31, 2015 at 0:08

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There is wp_loginout() which will get you a simple login/logout form, and that content is filterable with the loginout hook, but the "login-form page" (by which I think you mean wp-login.php) is mostly hard-coded. There are a lot of hook in there that might be enough to do what you want though-- twenty-three hooks by my very sloppy count, so I'm not going to enumerate them. That doesn't count hooks in functions not in that file.

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