Unfortunately, the_posts_navigation() function is not working for me. When I click on 'Older Posts' it's showing '404 page I don't know why my code is not working.

Here is the code -

<div class="row">
    <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?> 
    <div class="col-md-3 thumbnailu">
        <a class="thmb" href="<?php echo get_post_meta ($post->ID, 'link_name', true); ?>" target="_blank">
        the_post_thumbnail( 'website-image-size', array( 'class' => 'img-responsive' ) ); 

        <p class="caption"><?php the_title(); ?><br> 
        by <?php echo get_post_meta ($post->ID, 'author_name', true); ?> </p>

<?php endwhile; ?>

<?php the_posts_navigation(array(
    'prev_text' => 'Older Posts',
    'next_text' => 'Newer Posts',
    'screen_reader_text' => ' ',

It's showing the same error even I use the previous_posts_link() function.


This function uses get_the_posts_pagination() which uses the GLOBAL $wp_query to setup the paginate_links() function, so I believe that doesn't work for get_posts.

Try use the function paginate_links() by itself or the function posts_nav_link()


Place the_posts_navigationinside while loop hopefully it works!!

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    Could you explain why should it help? It doesn’t make much sense for me... – Krzysiek Dróżdż Mar 24 '18 at 7:19

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