is any way to add custom class name to input field in login from in wp_login_form function?

<input type="text" name="log" id="' . esc_attr( $args['id_username'] ) . '" class="input" value="' . esc_attr( $args['value_username'] ) . '" size="20" tabindex="10" />

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While there is no direct filter available to modify the output of username input field. You can do this by enqueuing a js on login page and then adding a css class to username input field. Please see if below helps:

add_action( 'login_head', 'add_login_css' );
function add_login_css(){
        get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/extra-login-css.js',
        array( 'jquery' ),
    wp_enqueue_script( 'extra-login-css' );

Make sure the path for extra-login-css.js mentioned above is correct or else you can update it as per your directory structure. Add the following code in that js file.

( function( $ ) {


} )( jQuery );

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