This is my cat directory structure

  • Games

    • Cricket -- Bat -- Ball -- Wicket
  • Machines

    • Electrical -- Fan -- generator -- Computer

I am on category page of Bat or Ball or Wicket. Can anyone tell me how i can get its parent id like id of cricket not Games. I want to get the category id of Cricket.


The function get_ancestors() will give you an array containing all of the parents of your category with the nearest ancestor being first in the array. So:

$cid = 5; // your category ID
$c = get_ancestors($cid,'category');
var_dump($c); // debugging
$p = array_shift($c);
// var_dump($p); // debugging

Use $p to do whatever you need to do.

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you can do like this

$term = get_queried_object();   
$parent= $term->parent;

echo $parent;
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