How to add Space between sidebar and footer widget in word press theme.In bottom of our Site, I added footer and how can i increase space between sidebar and footer.Its very close and touching the each other. You can see in bottom of home page.

  • This is a question about css, not about WP – cjbj Jun 14 '16 at 15:33

Add to the style.css file of your theme:

.footer {padding-top:15px;}

Add padding property to footer class in style.css file.

For example (and I recommend):

    padding: 20px 0;

This code add 20 pixels padding to top and bottom of footer section.


Using padding to increase the whitespace around your .footer.

padding: {top / right / bottom / left};

padding: {top} {right} {bottom} {left};

padding: {top / bottom} {left / right};

Use 2 values to only increase the top and bottom space uniformly.

.footer {
    padding: 30px 0;
  • Thanks Joel.Issue is resolved.I am successfully able to add space. – Masoom Sabri Dec 23 '15 at 20:57
  • Great, then you can mark this question answered – jgraup Dec 24 '15 at 17:02

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