I'm trying to add a custom page to my Wordpress website. I found this link, which says that I need to add the template to the theme folder, but I have a free Wordpress website, so I don't have access to that folder :/

Is it possible to add a custom page to a free Wordpress site (http://rebelradio9100.wordpress.com) or do I need to upgrade to a paid one for that?

  • Welcom to WPSE. Unfortuantely we do not offer support for sites hosted with wordpress.com. They have their own support forum. Please feel free to contact them directly. Please see How to Ask and help center and learn what is on and off topic here. Thank you – Pieter Goosen Dec 22 '15 at 12:29

WordPress.com doesn't offers to create any page templates or Theme Editing offers. You've to be upgrade your service or have to be self Hosted WordPress Website.

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