I upload external images for media library using following way.

$new_image_url = media_sideload_image($new_url, $post_ID, $title);

This method return complete img src tag or 'src' for the image URL.

I need to get image URL from it?

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Try the fourth input parameter (available in 4.2+):

@param string $return  
       Optional. Accepts 'html' (image tag html) or 'src' (URL). Default 'html'.

So change your code snippet to:

$new_image_url = media_sideload_image($new_url, $post_ID, $title, $src = 'src' );

to get the src instead of the default html.

Note that the output might also be an WP_Error object for errors, so you might add a check for that.

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