In the Theme Customizer, is it possible to just have text (for example a comment, or a HTML <p> tag with text), or a setting that has no type (but a title of Text I need to display).

For example, I may want to say - Go to XXX to do this at the bottom of a section, or Find out more in the documentation

I know you can have descriptions on settings but that is not what I want (unless the setting itself is invisible).

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If I understand the question right, the easiest way to implement this now is to create a new control type that doesn't actually render any input but rather just displays your desired text. Controls have to have an associated setting, so you can register a setting with a custom type of noop so that it will not have any effect. Give the control a high priority so it will appear at the end of the section.

A more elegant solution would be to create a custom section that has this end matter as part of its template. Unfortunately, the ul is currently expected to be a direct descendent of the section container, so this is problematic.


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