I have a plugin I built that adds a custom media frame with the following:

media_frame = wp.media.frames.media_frame = wp.media({
  title: 'Select your images',
  button: {
    text: 'Use Image'
  multiple: false 

This produces a media frame that looks like this: enter image description here

Thus far, this has been all I needed, but my site uses Wordpress Multisite and I'm trying to add in the Network Shared Media plugin. However, Network Shared Media requires the media-frame-menu sidebar in order to access network images. I can see the sidebar when I click "Add Media" enter image description here

What is required to add that sidebar to my custom menu? I've been looking around for hours, but haven't found anything helpful.

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In case anyone with a similar issue finds this post, this solution worked for me. Still have some kinks to work out with the specifics of my plugin, but this solution will at least add the sidebar menu to a custom modal.

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