I have configured a subdomain on my server and in DNS at my registrar as I have done many times. I don't want this particular subdomain to use my multisite WordPress install but all requests are being routed to http://mysite.co.uk/wp-signup.php?new=nameofsubdomain.

Can anyone suggest what configuration step I have missed to prevent WordPress from receiving requests to subdomain.mysite.co.uk ?

How can I install other applications alongside a WordPress multisite install correctly?

This particular server is Ubuntu 14.04 running Apache2.x

I feel that this DOES relate to WordPress as the server configuration was previously set up only for WP multisite and I feel other WP admins would benefit from this knowledge.

  • running a2ensite resolved the problem so presumably I had done something wrong with my apache config. Please close if you feel that is better
    – codecowboy
    Dec 10, 2015 at 13:18

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codecowboy has reports in the comments for this question that the issue has been resolved:

Running a2ensite resolved the problemm so presumably I had done something wrong with my Apache config.

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