Is there a function to set WP_POST_REVISIONS from a plugin instead of having to do it in config.php? I was thinking of doing this:

runkit_constant_redefine( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS', 0 );

but that puts a dependency on runkit being compiled in with PHP which I'm not sure is usual/typical.

I want to turn revisions off completely and I'd like my (narrow use, special purpose) plugin to be as "turnkey" as possible; not requiring other tweaks or manual adjustments.

  • Did you ever solve your problem? – jgraup Dec 11 '15 at 11:37
  • @jgraup I ended up sticking with my delete_revisions function for now. I'm working on another part of the system but will loop back to your suggestion at some point...thanks! – C C Dec 11 '15 at 15:03
  1. Create a no-revs.php
  2. Set the contents to <?php defined('WP_POST_REVISIONS') or define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);
  3. Place it in the Must Use Plugins Folder located at wp-content/mu-plugins.

Be warned; It is recommended that you to have at least 3 post revisions to avoid any loss of data.

  • Doesn't core already define the constant and that logic will never get past the 'or' ? – C C Dec 8 '15 at 2:39
  • It worked when I tested it. I'd give it a shot and let me know if it doesn't work for you. I'm on the latest WP and I can check again w/ the 4.4 release tomorrow. – jgraup Dec 8 '15 at 2:51
  • ok thanks...in the meantime I coded a simple function that cleans up revisions, hooked to 'shutdown'. – C C Dec 8 '15 at 3:01

You can try the wp_revisions_to_keep filter to override the value of the WP_POST_REVISIONS constant:

 * Turn off revisions
add_filter( 'wp_revisions_to_keep', function( $num, $post )
    // Adjust the $num to your needs
    if ( post_type_supports( $post->post_type, 'revisions' ) )
        $num = 0;

    return $num;

}, PHP_INT_MAX, 2 );

If $num is -1 then we keep all revisions. If $num is 0 then we don't keep them.

To turn it off we could also try to remove the revisions support with remove_post_type_support():

 * Remove revisions support for posts
add_action( 'init', function()
    remove_post_type_support( $post_type = 'post', $supports = 'revisions' );
} );
  • very cool, thank you. I'll have to experiment with this. I need it to work on post_type='page' -- and I want to keep the single autosave revision around (in case the user left the editor without saving). The cleanup function I wrote is working this way but it would be good to stop it at the onset rather than clean up, later. I wonder if the hook / function you cited above will leave 'autosave' alone or if they will turn that off, too (since autosave is technically a type of revision) (?) – C C Dec 8 '15 at 13:04

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