i have problem with create function for set cookie dynamically.

when i try in custom page i have of course header is set and i tried something like this: in custompage.php:


in function.php

function myfunction($name,$value) {
function mySEOfunction($name,$value) {
echo "some meta tags...".$name...

i have Missing argument 2 in function.php i tried also this for SEO meta tags created dynamically but i have same problem...

any help?


If all you are doing is setting a cookie on a page then why the complexity? Check this out for a simple answer http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_http_setcookie.asp

My only thought is that you are then trying to redirect them back to Wordpress and if so you may wish to check this Setting custom cookies in Wordpress

I'd say your error "missing function 2" is coming from incorrect syntax for time.

  • 1. as i said i need to set cookie dynamically for every page or something else... and you can see that i know how to set cookie for basic html/php but i don't know how to set in wp. 2. as i said i have missing function becasause i have problem with parameters so if is syntax error i will got syntax error.. end as you can see i didn't put full code Dec 7 '15 at 9:56

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