One can customize single comment markup using the callback argument in wp_list_comments like this:

$args = array( 'callback' => 'my_callback', 'avatar_size' => 48, 'type' => 'comment' );
wp_list_comments( $args );

The question is, how to pass arguments to that my_callback function? Already it gets three:

function my_callback( $comment, $args, $depth )

But I need to add my own 4th argument


Finally I figured it out. you may simply add your arguments to the wp_list_comments as associative key => value pairs like this:

$args = array( 'callback' => 'my_callback', 'avatar_size' => 48, 'type' => 'comment', 'arg1' => $arg1 );
wp_list_comments( $args );

and then in your my_callback you have:

function my_callback( $comment, $args, $depth )

where you have access to $arg1;

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