Assuming there is some function or variable that allows the shortcode access to its name, and for sake here I will term that $scName, is something like this possible:

function test_return_shortcode_name( $atts ) {
    return $scName;
add_shortcode( 'myName', 'test_return_shortcode_name' );

And so for this basic example, this shortcode:


Which would return the actual name as text


Does such functionality exist to access the designated name from within the function associated to it?


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A shortcode can access its own name - it is supplied as third parameter to the shortcode's callback function, just like that:

function test_shortcode_callback( $atts = array(), $content = null, $tag ) {
    return $tag;
add_shortcode( 'test_shortcode', 'test_shortcode_callback' );

// So running this shortcode
// Will return this

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