I need to find comments posted in last 5 minutes. I am using the following query. What should be the value of before?

        $postID = get_the_ID();
            'date_query' => array(
                'after' => '5 minute ago',
                'before' => ?,
                'inclusive' => true,
            'post_id' => $postID,
            'status' => approve,  

Note that the function wp_list_comments() doesn't fetch the comments, only displays them in various ways depending on the input arguments.

You're actually using the WP_Comment_Query/get_comments input arguments into wp_list_comments().

You could try this instead:

$postID = 12345; // Adjust this!

$comments = get_comments( 
        'date_query' => [
            'after'     => '5 minutes ago',
            'inclusive' => true,
        'post_id' => $postID,
        'status'  => 'approve',  

     wp_list_comments( $args = [ 'echo' => 0 ], $comments )

where you can play with the comment output through the $args input array.

Check the Codex here.

Note that we can skip the before attribute when we use after attribute.

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