I'm crating a plugin option page from the code below. However, it does not explain how to get validation on the input fields. How do I get validation on id_number for NUMBER ONLY?


Also, can I add default value to the input? on

<input type="text" id="title" name="my_option_name[title]" value="%s" />'

So first time install plugin, it will say something instead of nothing.


You want to set the input's type to number for numeric validation. And use the input's value to set a default value.

<input type="number" id="title" name="my_option_name[title]" value=123 />

If you just want a hint displayed to the user inside the input, use placeholder.

 <input type="number" id="title" name="my_option_name[title]" placeholder="Phone Number" />
  • thank you for the answer! Can't believe I couldn't think of that lol – Ohsik Dec 3 '15 at 18:09

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