I am using the following permalinks structure: /%postname%/ and I also have some multi-page posts that look like /%postname%/2.

The problem is I see a lot of 404 errors in webmaster tools for urls like /post-name/random stuff here

How can I redirect all wrong URLs to the correct ones ?

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Have you tried the Smart 404 plugin? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-404/


I don't have a webserver to test this with, but the following should work:

In your wordpress theme, you can create a 404.php file, which will be used when a 404 response is triggered. Inside this file, you could check the HTTP_REFERRER header entry - if it follows the format /post-name/[nonsensical stuff], you could then redirect the browser to /post-name/. Or simply provide a link with a message saying "couldn't find exactly what you requested, but we think this might be it".

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