I'm building a WordPress plugin. I need to show time like Twitter - how much time ago the comment was made etc. Is there a way doing this?

Suppose someone comments 1 hour ago should be visible 1 hour ago and it should be precise to 1 second ago too.


Yes, you can do that using PHP.

Here's a function from @arnorhs:

$time = strtotime('2010-04-28 17:25:43');

echo 'event happened '.humanTiming($time).' ago';

function humanTiming ($time)

    $time = time() - $time; // to get the time since that moment
    $time = ($time<1)? 1 : $time;
    $tokens = array (
        31536000 => 'year',
        2592000 => 'month',
        604800 => 'week',
        86400 => 'day',
        3600 => 'hour',
        60 => 'minute',
        1 => 'second'

    foreach ($tokens as $unit => $text) {
        if ($time < $unit) continue;
        $numberOfUnits = floor($time / $unit);
        return $numberOfUnits.' '.$text.(($numberOfUnits>1)?'s':'');


WordPress' way

And actually there are many. But WordPress has a built-in function since its version 1.5.0 that would be handy for WordPress plugin development:

<?php human_time_diff( $from, $to ); ?>

Show comment's elapsed timing from now would be simple like:

echo human_time_diff( get_comment_time( 'U' ), current_time( 'timestamp' ) ) .' ago';


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