I currently have post image upload for the featured image from front-end form.

<input type="file" name="wh_image_upload" id="wh_image_upload" multiple="false" />

and using media_handle_upload to upload the file.

 // These files need to be included as dependencies when on the front end.
 require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/image.php' );
 require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/file.php' );
 require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/media.php' );

  // Let WordPress handle the upload.
  $attachment_id = media_handle_upload( 'wh_image_upload', $post_id );
  if ( !is_wp_error( $attachment_id ) ) {
      // If the image was uploaded successfully, set it as featured image
      set_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $attachment_id );

What is the best way to convert this to AJAX image upload with a uploading progress bar?


This is what I want it to be working.

enter image description here

  • Is the behavior you want already used in WP core anywhere? Had you found practical examples from there or maybe more generic library/solution? – Rarst Nov 22 '15 at 12:43
  • @Rarst Thank you for the comment. I updated my question with a GIF image that will show how I want it to be working. – Ohsik Nov 22 '15 at 22:25

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