I had an events page on my site's main menu in which I attempted to adjust some css when to my horror, I discovered the page appeared as an archive.

I checked in the specific page in question in the "Pages" container in "WP-Admin". It appears as a page in there. I deleted the page anyway and created a new Events page. Same thing. It appears as post/archive rather than a page.

So my question is how I can turn this post into a page? All of the other menu items appear normally as pages.

Here is the page in question: http://cultmontreal.com/events/


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It's possible that your theme or a plugin has an override for any page called events. Check your theme folder for page-events.php.


I figured it out! My plugin called EventON had overridden any page called "events", so I changed the page name to listing. It seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for your help.

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