I am using :

$term_link = get_the_term_list($post->ID, 'portfolio_category', '', '<br />', '');

to get the category and link to it.

There is any way to get all category despite specific one?

Now i get :

<a href="" rel="tag">Yellow</a></br><a href="" rel="tag">Main</a>

And i want to get all the category despite the "Main" category.


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I believe that what you want is to exclude a term. It is odd that such is not an option with that function but you can use a filter on get_the_terms:

function exclude_my_term($terms, $post, $taxonomy) {
  unset($terms[123]); // where 123 is the ID of the term to exclude
  return $terms;

You probably want to run that just before your call to get_the_term_list().

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