Im making a custom shortcode for my wordpress site and im just running through the example from the shortcode api for wordpress:

function myshortcode() {

$atts = shortcode_atts(
        'custom_title' => 'Your Title',
        'custom_message' => 'Your Message',
    ), $atts);

    return 'Test: ' . $atts['custom_title'] . ' ' . $atts['custom_message'];



The shortcode in my blog post is:

[my-short custom_title="Test" custom_message="123 Roman Ridge"]

but it outputs

Test: Your Title Your Message

there is nothing else in my blog post except the shortcode, any suggestions?


Note the following line in your function defintion:

function myshortcode() {

it's missing the input parameters $atts and $content so that's why you only get the default attribute values.

Replace it with:

function myshortcode( $atts = [], $content = '' ) {

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