I've got a custom post type of product and one of case study.

Each product has a series of related case studies. How in Wordpress can I relate these items?

I'm using CMB2 and a custom multiselect field that allows the user to select the related product for a case study. However, I'm not sure if this is the best way.

Also the page that lists all the case studies for a particular product is very much like an archive page so it would be nice to be able to access it via



There are probably several ways to handle this. I would store the parent product ID for each case study as post meta data for the case study. You can then use a meta query to get all case studies for a product. To display the case studies archive page, add a rewrite endpoint to generate the /productname/casestudies rewrite rules. See this answer for how to load a different template for those requests.


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