How can I display only my free WooCommerce products on a page?

These products change each week, and I want a page that displays my current free products without having to update these products manually on this page each week. I believe it needs to search for only product sale prices that equal 0, or free.


You should be able to create a category and call that category via shortcode on the page of your choice.

array( 'per_page' => '12',     'columns' => '4',       'orderby' => 'title',       'order' => 'asc',       'category' => '' )

[product_category category="appliances"]

  • Yes I like this and is a workaround. But I offer free products for a week at a time and I use the schedule to do this so I don't have to go back and edit each week. I may forget or be too busy. That is why I prefer to have the page list free items by the price instead. – d3vo Nov 8 '15 at 0:56

You can do something like this to get the product ids, and then display them:

// create a query string for checking that any of the three
// basic ways of storing the price is '0'
$query_string = 'SELECT post_id FROM ' . $wpdb -> prefix . 'postmeta WHERE ( meta_key = %s OR meta_key = %s OR meta_key = %s ) AND meta_value = "0"';

// Query the database
$free_products = $wpdb -> get_col( $wpdb -> prepare( $query_string, '_price', '_regular_price', '_sale_price' ));

// only get each id once
$free_products = array_unique( $free_products );

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