My comment section simply does not appear on posts, even though on my first couple test posts, it did appear.

The current theme I'm using is Tesseract, in case that is relevant. Before that I was using Urban Bold, which did not work out for me, despite having the comment section, initially. I have already tried out other themes too, and reverting back to Urban Bold just out of curiosity. They don't have the comment section either now.

I have gone through all the settings and made sure that the comment section is available. I have also attempted to turn off all my plugins to see if they were causing the problem, but the comment section was still missing after that.

Here is the first blog post of the website in case you would like to see it.

Update: Since I referenced my blog on this post, I got a notification of a comment to be approved about it being referenced in this post. For the purpose of testing, I approved it and other than that one comment it simply says the comment section is closed, even though all the settings should dictate otherwise. Does any of this point to a solution to the problem?

Update 2: As an admin, I can also enter comments through editing the post. It appears on the post, but the comments on the post itself for the readers remain closed as seen here.


Alright, so I have no idea what went wrong originally. I just deleted and reposted the blog post and the comment section miraculously started working.

Go figure. Hopefully it will be a smooth sailing from now on.

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