I need some advice.

I have added the possibility to pages to have categories with a plugin. I have created a widget for a client that lets a user select a category from a page and select a subpage within that category.

So the widget on the homepage shows the title and a excerpt of the page content with a read more button to the page.

My design only has space for three widgets. I would like to be able to have more widgets to the page. So I thought of a slider for widgets....

See how I said 'thought'. I really have no javascript/jquery skills. Can anyone push me in the right direction to be able to create a slider that is able to hold different widgets?

Hope I don't thought of something impossible....


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Found a (half)solution.

Slick is very helpful.
I integrated this in a template. The data now is static so that need to be changed.
I created a sidebar but now I need to loop through the widgets.
I think I'm trying to use this

Still any ideas/thoughts are more than welcome!

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