I am creating a dynamic menu and in my foreach loop I am running a is_page using the page title:

<li class="<?= (is_page($tlp->post_title) ? 'active' : '');?>">

This works fine for pages that are actually created in the WP admin. But for other post types that rely on the archive it doesn't work.

So I have a 'team' post type and a archive-team.php page which uses the data.

When on that page, I have no way of checking if the page is currently active?

I came across is_archive() but that doesn't do as expected. Just returns if it is a archive.

I also loop through the pages to create this menu, so I have a blog page set up and just do a check in the default template to include the archive if its the blog page.

Any help?

  • This won't fix your issue, but you should pass the ID instead of the title: is_page( $tlp->ID ) Nov 3, 2015 at 15:47

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You can use is_page( $tpl->ID ) || is_single( $tlp->ID ) which will cover posts, pages and custom post types.

For the archive link, use is_post_type_archive( $post_type ). If you need it highlighted for single posts of the same type, add || is_singular( $post_type )

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