I'm doing a database query in a page, and afterwards I want to store an id - I thought I could do it in $_COOKIE?

But it doesn't seem to work to just create a parameter and set a value to it, like:

$_COOKIE['member_id'] = $wpdb->insert_id;

How can I simply add a key and value to the cookie array?

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Use setcookie() like shown below:

  time() + 3600, 

Note: $wpdb->insert_id AFAIK will always return false or 1, so I'm not sure if that will be of value for your. I might be wrong about that see @s_ha_dum's comment.

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    The Codex is inconsistent about insert_id, at one point saying what you do and at another saying the autoincrement value of the inserted row is returned, which is what I remember.
    – s_ha_dum
    Nov 2, 2015 at 13:53
  • @s_ha_dum You are right about the codex, the latter, the auto-increment value. would indeed make much more sense. Nov 2, 2015 at 13:57
  • Just the name of the variable makes more sense ;)
    – s_ha_dum
    Nov 2, 2015 at 14:01
  • @s_ha_dum Its not like variable names are a guarantee for anything! ;) Nov 2, 2015 at 14:03
  • @ialocin can I declare this function anywhere (no need for actions or filters)? Can I then access $name with $_COOKIE['name']? Btw I read that setcookie was deprecated, now its "wp_set_auth_cookie".
    – Galivan
    Nov 2, 2015 at 14:35

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