How can I stop the refresh event for the Customizer iframe? Something like:

wp.customize.refresh( function() {
    return; // or whatever would stop the refresh
} );

The background: I'm using Kirki to add a code editor field to the front end Customizer. It gets an option from my theme option's custom CSS area (not a theme I developed, so I cannot use traditional theme_mod) and I can properly get/put the data from this option to write custom CSS from the front end Customizer.

For the live edit to work, I modified the front end custom CSS <style> element to have a unique ID, and using CodeMirror's update event I can replace the <style> element's contents successfully and see the live changes. However, the Customizer refresh event also fires just moments after, thus wiping out the updated <style> element.

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I found the answer here: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/advanced-topics/customizer-api/

Using 'transport' => 'postMessage' in my fields settings array. Kirki also provides passing this option too.

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