I am trying to add wordpress pages using codes on theme activation. But the main problem is i cannot check whether the page with that particular slugs exist or not.

Our code looks like this :

        wp_insert_post(['post_title' =>'List Of All the Posts','post_status'=>'publish','post_name'=>'all-post-list','post_type'=>'page','page_template'=>'All Post List']);

This hook is inserted in custom hook.

The main problem is with is_page

it is not working .

when i var_dump(is_page('all-post-list')) it always return false although there are pages.

But when i var dump that in header.php it works as expected.

Why is not that working in php . From Codex i read the note of using is_page and the code is outside loop then why is it nor working?

Is there any workaround??



is_page() checks if page is being displayed, it has nothing to do with checking if page exists at all in installation.

You likely want get_page_by_path() or get_page_by_title() instead.

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