I want my cart page to show up on my checkout page. And I want to remove the order review from checkout page. so my cart page will show on the top.

To remove order review from checkout page...

In your plugin folder Go To woocommerce->includes->wc-template-functions.php Now press ctrl+f and write woocommerce_order_review and press enter. You will find a function of the same name. Just remove its body(portion that comes under{}) And its done.

To show cart page and checkout page on sigle custom page
you can use shortcode [woocommerce_cart] for cart and [woocommerce_checkout] for checkout on a custom page.Use both shortcode on a single page that might do the trick.

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I will give you the solution to the first part of your question:

  • Goto WooCommerce Settings->Checkout
  • Under Checkout Pages section set Cart Page dropdown to Checkout
  • Now anytime shopper hits the cart button they go straight to checkout
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  • But i want my cart table to show up my checkout page. So my cart table on the top and then contact information. And I want to remove "review order" table since I will have my cart table on the top. – user2916693 Oct 29 '15 at 21:33
  • Is that possible? Can you help me with that? – user2916693 Oct 29 '15 at 21:38

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