I have a client who wants to put on an event. She wants to manage it on her site. The requirements:

  • Display information about the event
  • Sell tickets and correlate with name and email address
  • Payment for tickets via PayPal
  • Allows for cancellations / returns if they happen
  • It may be a recurring event, so allow people to sign up for future events

Anything like that exist?

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This one is the best I know of: Event Calendar / Scheduler

The main features include:

  • Day/Week/Month/Year/Agenda view + ability to create custom view
  • Drag-n-drop support to configure event date and time
  • Customizable appearance
  • Single/multi-days events (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis)
  • Customizable time scale
  • Recurring events
  • Multilingual

I'm not sure if it hits all of your requirements, but the Advanced Events Registration plugin looks pretty promising.


If you need an event calendar with built in event registration and management fully integrated with WordPress. You should check out the Event Espresso plugin for WordPress. Event Espresso has a built in calendar and features a registration and payment system using PayPal and Authorize.net.


There is a new plugin released:


Allows registered and/or non registered users to confirm if they will be present at a planned meeting and optionally add comments and number of participants with them.

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