I am trying to send an email and parse its contents using WP_Mail but the email is not sending, I am just not getting an error message on the page. Can someone tell me if there is something wrong with my function?


    //lets get the redem voucher email that will go to both the user and                    
  $replacements = array(
'({playerId})' => $playerId,    
'({message_body})' => nl2br( stripslashes(  $ggs['player-redeem'] ) )
$message = preg_replace( array_keys( $replacements ), array_values( $replacements ),  $ggs['player-redeem']);

//Handle some basic validation
$errors = array();

//Assigning a picture for {logo} replacement
$logo = 'http://fundrasing.davidbuckleyni.co.uk/wp-content/themes/gogreensoccer3/images/logo.png';
$headers = 'From: My Name <test@test.co.uk>' . "\r\n";
//Send the message assigned to a var so we can output
$status = send_message( 'test@test.co.uk', 'test@test.co.uk', 'Player Wants to Redeem Points', $message, $logo );

I just used the default wp_mail but its not being sent as test

wp_mail( 'test@test.co.uk', 'The subject', 'The message' );  

I do get other emails from the system so I know it is setup OK.


If you assign wp_mail() to a variable you can echo the results. Should return either true or false.

$email = wp_mail(email,subject,message);

I don't recognise the send_message() function in your code.

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