When a user signs up they create a blog. I want to let them set an option that is specific to that blog. When they save that option should I use update_option(), update_user_option(), update_blog_option() or update_site_option()? I know update_site_option() is out because that is for setting an option across a network. The rest are somewhat ambiguous.

update_blog_option seems appropriate but then why is there a update_user_option? And is update_option updating for the user logged in or is that also network wide?

After some more research, it looks like update_user_option() is the most appropriate call.

Quote from that page:

When multisite is installed, the $global parameter can be used to set the user option for the whole network, instead of just the current site.

Example setting global value (across all network):

update_user_option( $user_id, 'key', $value, true );

Thus, this call will save the option for the current site of the user. That's what I want. But they said current site. If the user can have more than one blog then update_blog_option() may be more appropriate. So the question is, can a user have more than one blog on a network site?

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Answer is update_blog_option(). This is specific for each blog. If I used get_user_option() it would be different for each user. If I used get_site_option() it would be across all sites on the network.

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