I've set it so non-admin user can't see the "Dashboard" link or can't have access to the main "wp-admin/index.php" page. I've also added a plugin that restrict non-admin users from creating a new page. Whenever a non-admin users try to add a new page, they'll be accidentally redirected to "wp-admin/index.php?permissions_error=true", which is the main "wp-admin/index.php", or "Dashboard" page.

How do I restrict access to the wp-admin/index.php (main dashboard page), or redirect them to their wp-admin/profile.php page?

screenshot of what I'm trying to achieve: If someone were smart enough to add "?permissions_error=true" next the the "wp-admin/index.php" in the url address, the would get access to the "wp-admin/index.php" main dashboard page, even if they don't have permission to.

  • I've tried adding "Redirect 301 /localhost/ft/wp-admin/index.php?permissions_error=true http://google.com" to the .htaccess file, but it's not working because of the "?permissions_error=true"

The easiest solution is to hook in load-index.php and redirect non-admin users to their profile. Effectively blocking access to that page. I'm going to wrap the permission check up in a function for this example (we'll use it more than once).

function _wpse206466_can_view()
    // or any other admin level capability
    return current_user_can('manage_options');

add_action('load-index.php', 'wpse206466_load_index');
function wpse206466_load_index()
    if (!_wpse206466_can_view()) {
        $qs = empty($_GET) ? '' : '?'.http_build_query($_GET);

You might also want to remove the admin index page from the admin menu if the users can't access it. To do that, hook into admin_menu, check the capability then remove the page.

add_action('admin_menu', 'wpse206466_remove_index');
function wpse206466_remove_index()
    if (!_wpse206466_can_view()) {

Here is all that as a plugin.

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  • Hi, I thought it worked, but then tried to access the wp-admin/index.php today as admin and was redirected to profile.php. It work and redirected non-admin users to their profile page, but it's not allowing admin to the main dashboard page. I've even tested the code and the plugin on a fresh wordpress site. – lee Oct 26 '15 at 8:33
  • There was a small typo in my code. See: github.com/chrisguitarguy/WPSE-Plugins/commit/… The code in this post and the plugin on github has been updated – chrisguitarguy Oct 26 '15 at 11:40

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