I uploaded my wordpress site to my testing server something like this: for testing purpose and then downloaded complete root folder in my system, exported database and then uploaded it to my live server did setup database and in wp-config.php did setup username, password and db name also, Front-end of the site is working perfectly but when I try to login to dashboard it redirects me back to testing server.

Where should I make change to make sure I get logged in to my live version of the site instead of being redirected to testing version?

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The URLs are built from WordPress Address and Site Address in Settings > General. They are typically stored in database in home and siteurl options, but might also be overridden with configuration constants.

Codex has documentation on Moving WordPress that covers common scenarios.

Note that you might want to do a global replacement on database, since content might have persistently stored links to old URL and so on. Be aware that you need to use serialize-aware search/replace tool, not merely run text replace. WP CLI can do it.


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