I am changing hosting + domain name for my WordPress site. For example now if its hosted on and now I want to upload it to mysite.com. This is what I did

exported database from my cpanel got all files from server using filezilla (public_html folder that has Wordpress root folder as well) set permalinks option to default and exported all content from existing site. now planning to create a new database, setup wp-config.php and replace all files in public_html files. My question is after doing all this will I face any issues regarding page / posts or any other links means it may not happen that I may get some broken links after doing all this. Is there any extra step required with all this mentioned above or is it okay?

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Don't forget to copy the .htaccess file. Your permalinks will broken if you forgot to copy that file. Also usually I'm using text editor (mine using Notepad++) to open the database file then find all "" value and change it to "mysite.com".

  • Simply replacing "" with "my site.com" in the database won't work, unless both strings contain the same number of characters, because the data is serialized in the database.
    – Ezra Free
    Commented Oct 25, 2015 at 5:29

I recommend using Search & Replace DB, a free tool by Interconnect, to replace any instances of the host name in the database. It will handle setting the serialized data correctly for you.

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