I have been learning about WordPress's built-in function as described in the title.

What I have learned is that WordPress will automatically filter the content displayed by the taxonomies specified in the url, i.e., mySite/CPT-Archive/?someTaxonomy=someValue should only display content with some Taxonomy=someValue. However, when I manually type this into the url, my archive page displays nothing. I made sure that I was using a valid taxonomy+value, specifically, I typed ?status=current because I KNOW there is content with that setting.

My next task is to figure out how to allow the user to choose the filter(s), but before I do that, I need to understand why my archive does not follow the built-in url filtering from WP, and how I can change that.


Edit: The if (haveposts) while (haveposts) loop is not executed at all when I specify a filter as described above


I just realized that I'm running an older version of WordPress, which is probably why this isn't working. I will update to the latest version (4.3.1) and see if that works

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