I have set a query_var,called men, which loads a custom template displaying men's clothes. The rewrite rule is as follows:


and the template redirect code is this:

if(get_query_var('men') && is_post_type_archive(array('collection'))){
        return get_template_directory().'/clothes-men.php';

The code works, rewrite working as expected ie. localhost/sample-site/collection/men loads the template. The problem comes when I add standard pagination code, clicking 'Next' results in a 404 error. The link generating the 404 error is localhost/sample-site/collection/men/page/2.

I highly suspect that I need to add a rewrite to make pagination work in this custom template loaded by a query_var but I am a bit mixed up in how to go about it.

What rewrite rule (or any other code) will I need to include in order for pagination to work properly?


After a bit of digging over the weekend, I found the solution and indeed, it is a rewrite rule with the paged variable added


Pagination now works in the custom template loaded by query variable. i.e. localhost/sample-site/collection/men/page/2 loads the next page instead of a 404 error

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