I'm using the "inbox-status" plugin. I can use this to display unread emails.

<?php do_action( 'inbox_status_count', 'inbox-unread' ); ?>

I want to use this code in a conditional. Only the number of emails shown if more than one.

if ( 0 < did_action( 'inbox_status_count', 'inbox-unread' ) )
    echo "<span class='new badge'>";
    echo do_action( 'inbox_status_count', 'inbox-unread' );
    echo "</span>";

Why don't work?

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Note that did_action only takes one input argument: the name of the action hook.

The scope of your if sentence is also unclear.

I don't think you want to use did_action at all here, it doesn't give you the number of emails.

You can try the following instead:

if ( $unread = do_shortcode( '[input-unread]' ) )
    printf( "<span class='new badge'>%s</span>", $unread );

or skip the expensive do_shortcode parsing by using the shortcode callback directly:

       class_exists( 'IS_Inbox_Status' ) 
    && $unread = IS_Inbox_Status::get_instance()->get_count( 'inbox-unread' )
    printf( "<span class='new badge'>%s</span>", $unread );

Note that this is untested.

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    Thanks, both work. if ( $unread = do_shortcode("[inbox-unread]") )
    – seravifer9
    Oct 8, 2015 at 18:15

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